American University of London

2021-2022 AUOL University Centre Europe & the Middle East

Course duration 10 months
Fees £1000 Pounds including personal supervisor.

Certified Strategic Planner (CSP)

What is management, its pillars and importance.
  • The basic elements of management: planning – organizing – directing – control.
  • The planning concept and its rules.

Certified Financial Manager (CFM)

  • Meeting management skills
  • Delegation skills

Certified Marketing Manager (CMM)

  • Performance management skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Decision-making skills

Certified Human Resources Management   (CHRM)

  • Strategic management and strategic planning.
  • Defining and implementing goals

Certified Chief Executive Officer (CCEO)

Responsibilities of the executive management:
  • Developing plans and sub-projects in light of the general plan prepared by the higher management.
  • Determining the authority of all workers in the organization and the tasks that fall upon them.

Certified Professional Internal Auditor (CPIA)

  • Administrative organization skills
  • The organization’s concept and objectives.

Certified Public Relation Manager (CPRM)

  • Basic organization rules and objectives
  • Guidance as a function of the Executive Director
  • The directing roles of the Executive Director.

Certified Office Manager (COM)

  • Control and follow-up skills
  • Control methods and tools
  • Performance management tools and methods
  • Standards and methods for evaluating individual performance

Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM)

  • Understanding and communication
  • Influence and human relations
  • Stimulus

Certified Quality Manager (CQM)

Executive planning process and its steps
  • The strategic planning methods

Certified Project Manager (CPM)

  • Executive planning process and its steps

Certified Team Leader (CTL)

  • What is leadership, its theories and patterns
  • The difference between leadership and management (leader and manager)

Certified Sales Manager (CSM)

  • Members of the Board of Directors
  • Executives and those who hold leadership positions

Certified Social Media Manager (CSMM)

  • Setting standards for monitoring performance and implementation progress in all departments of the organization.

International Professional Diploma in Executive Management

  • The strategic planning methods
  • Analysing the internal and external environment of the project
  • Mission, vision, values and goals

Certified Contracts Manager (CCM)

  • Standards for evaluating institutional performance
  • Preparing performance indicators for the executive plan
  • Determine the goals and objectives of the implementation plan
  • Main initiatives and sub-goals

Mini MBA in Public Relations Management

  • Self-management skills
  • Time management skills
  • Report writing skills

Mini MBA in Strategic Planning Management

  • Coordination and interaction between all production elements
  • Contribute to developing the general plan of the organization

Mini MBA in Human Resources Management

  • Administrative departments supervisors
  • Those wishing to switch from their current career path and enter the field of executive management
  • All employees in the governmental and private administrative sectors

Mini MBA

  • The concept of motivation through the function of guidance and leadership
  • Leadership styles according to the DISC model

Mini MBA in Financial Management

  • Analysing the internal and external environment of the project
  • Mission, vision, values and goals