The Facts – Several of our students and graduates continue to contact us over the years re the handsome dog seated below. I’d like to take this opportunity to put the record straight to thank them all for their interest and pride in Auol.

Normally it is university policy not to dignify such scurrilous reporting with a comment.

However, in this instance, I can categorically assure you that no degree was (or in the circumstances would have everbeen) awarded to the fraudulent applicant with a bogus CV, where no course fee was ever received. The applicant in question obviously had a hidden agenda and had therefore chosen to ignore the university’s procedures for admission to APEL-based degrees.

The published report revealed nothing at all of substance and was merely a malicious pack of lies (and thus the dog gimmick!) and was an example of entrapment journalism common to tabloids of the lowest genre and to those aspiring to join their ranks!!

(The university has offered to pay £ 100.000 to an educational charity if anyone can show that a degree was ever awarded to anyone who had not completed a full program of study or that a fee was received by the university. )


In this instance, I am pleased to provide you with some information about this University to give you an overview of our history.

  • When AUOL was founded in 1984, distance learning was a new and innovative method of education, of which we were pioneers. As with all new innovations, people were at first wary and resistant to what they did not understand.  In the past 35 years, AUOL, has proven its ability to provide quality and enduring education to business people and to high achievers all over the world.  Our alumni data base speaks for itself.
  • Those who levelled such accusations were only able to understand traditional brick and mortar- based education. We have often tried to provide them with the relevant facts, but they have always chosen to ignore our submissions.

(cognitive dissonance?)

  • They obviously have their own agenda of which we are unfamiliar. In some parts of the world, distance learning is still viewed with suspicion due to the lack of understanding of the technological means of transmitting this form of education.
  • AUOL has graduated over 135,000 students many of whom have gone on to further their studies at Universities all over the world and have found gainful employment in top positions worldwide.
  • Another misinformed accusation often levelled at online institutions is their lack of accreditation by governmental agencies. In the USA, for example, most universities are not officially accredited.  Accreditation is a voluntary process, and even when applied for, can often take decades to obtain.
  1. If desired AUOL degrees carry the Apostille of the US State Department in Washington and are signed by the Secretary of State.

 In accordance with the resolutions reached at The Hague Convention held on October 5th, 1961, diplomas, certificates and transcripts issued by universities in one country can be officially legalized in other countries if they are accompanied by a notarial certification, the Apostille, which authenticates the signatures and stamps appearing on the document. Countries around the world adopt this validation procedure for its simplicity and worldwide acceptance.

  • The modules (study manuals) of this university are on par with those used by the top universities in the UK. They are “the student’s private teacher at home”.
  • The American University of London employs and accredits, on an adjunct basis, highly qualified supervisors (mostly with Doctorate degrees) to work with our students on a one-to-one basis until they complete their programs of study.
  • AUOL offers live online lectures on many of the courses taught. These are available to registered students to watch- using their personal passwords- at any time of their choosing.
  • The facts above speak for themselves and are in the public domain. As I stated above it has always been our policy not to engage with those who choose to ignore these facts and to persist in making false accusations about the university.Our concern has always been to provide the highest quality education both  online and by distance learning to our students worldwide.

If you require information on our programs of study please refer to the website or feel free to contact us at any time.

Best regards

American University of London

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